I restored this $7 Junk Playstation 2 Slim - Retro Console Restoration & Repair

In this episode I restore a Playstation 2 (PS2) slim which I got for $7 as part of a junk lot of consoles. Low end price for working device is typically around $50. Black consoles can be cheaper because there are more of them available. As a bonus I got a free game, DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi, it's quite common game and even in good condition not very valuable. But it's a nice addition to my collection, here is a link to my video of repairing the disc: denewss.info/channel/ioCIbNB2mojbuYE/video.html
I started the restoration by testing the console. I was able to power it on. I think it wasn't supposed to work but the descriptions for these consoles are quite often inaccurate. However it was not reading games.
After opening the console I tried to see if I could repair the disc drive. The Playstation 2 disc drive is known for breaking quite easily. The laser just stops working. I decided to replace the whole disc drive. Only the laser part can also be changed. After replacing the laser I still had to do a little adjusting on the screws I show on the video.
After replacing the drive I continued to disassemble the console. I cleaned everything with compressed air, soapy water and isopropyl alcohol and removed a little yellowing with UV-light and hydrogen peroxide. Tutorial to the process here: denewss.info/channel/oJaJh9acooeqlas/video.html&
The original model sticker was in bad condition so I copied it in photoshop and printed a new one.
Thanks for watching!
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Hydrogen peroxide: amzn.to/2K5OmTS
UV LED strip: amzn.to/2IqLmOA
99.9% isopropyl alcohol (IPA): amzn.to/34Po8dX
Power source (for leds): amzn.to/35zDBzT
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  • MyCrippledWings
    MyCrippledWingsVor 5 Stunden

    My PS2 slim still looks brand new (black). I only ever played it a few times (long story) but it's been in my storage for 10 yrs now, still in original box, and still has original cover that I never peeled off on the console as well. Then we also have a silver one my youngest only ever used once but used to belong to his brother. Neither looks this bad. Seriously, wtf? Anyway, still have like 20+ ps1 and 30 ish ps2 games. All but maybe 5 (only cuz they're super rare to find in the first place) have original cases/booklets in them. I have a few really really hard to find games.

  • SAY Production
    SAY ProductionVor 9 Stunden

    hey can u tell me about that liquid for removing nemo sticker?

  • From Psamathe With Love
    From Psamathe With LoveVor 17 Stunden

    12:13 Sushi time

  • S W
    S WVor 17 Stunden

    Im so glad you got the Ellen Degenerate Nemo sticker off.

    PLAYERS™Vor 21 Stunde

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  • TogaedKk
    TogaedKkVor 21 Stunde

    No creen que la ps2 ya deberia estar amarilla?

  • Futile Foxx
    Futile FoxxVor 22 Stunden

    I might just be skeptical and paranoid, but I've noticed that the controller he is using doesn't seem to have a wire coming out of it. Its either a third party controller or is just not a ps2 controller. But I also see there is a wire coming out of the front of the console. No it couldn't be a third party controller because it says sony on the front of it. It almost seems as if he was playing Jak and Dexter on a ps3. ORRR, The nemo sticker was actually a magical sticker that allows amazing capabilities from a console.

  • ashesfrombones
    ashesfrombonesVor Tag

    can we go back to that time, where a game is released on the disk and that's it. no more patch it later mindset

  • Dikshaay Sobhee
    Dikshaay SobheeVor Tag

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  • 魚
    Vor Tag

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  • Myh Barroso
    Myh BarrosoVor Tag

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    Myh BarrosoVor 2 Tage

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    IM4LOSERVor 2 Tage

    I used to love the old consoles they was so much fun. Now I just get bored of gaming the competitive/ achievements ruined it for me

  • Eggmann furu
    Eggmann furuVor 2 Tage

    I tried to find nemo in the last couple of minutes... but there is none

  • Shadow Jenkins
    Shadow JenkinsVor 2 Tage

    Crap video. You didn't restore anything. You purchased a new disc drive and basically cleaned everything else. Not a restoration, just a refurbishment, not really impressed because you didn't actually fix anything, you replaced parts and cleaned it. Lol lame.

  • Kelvin Smith
    Kelvin SmithVor 2 Tage

    It was so easy how *clemshack* on Instagram he recovered back my locked account of 2 weeks ago,,

  • Kelvin Smith
    Kelvin SmithVor 2 Tage

    It was so easy how *clemshack* on Instagram he recovered back my locked account of 2 weeks ago,,

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    Rasya Hardi PratamaVor 2 Tage

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    J YVor 2 Tage

    Okay, who's the owner of this Nemo ps2?

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    cjziinhoVor 2 Tage

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    Juan MercuriVor 2 Tage

    Yo tenía dos ps2 y se me rompieron las dos ):

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