I Restored This Destroyed Gameboy Advance SP - Retro Nintendo Console Restoration

In this video I will restore a Gameboy Advance SP. by Nintendo. The console is broken in half and it won't charge. Also the screen cable has been damaged and the screen need to be replaced. Gameboy Advance SP was finally the Gameboy everybody had been waiting for, it had illuminated color screen and battery. The screen was a huge upgrade from to the Gameboy advance which always needed good lighting to play it. Get your own GBA here (not the one on the video): amzn.to/3bF0Ezb
To open the console I needed my screwdriver set. I will link it bellow. Like the other Gameboy consoles this need a tri wing (aka Y-tip) screw driver to open. the shell. On the inside a small phillips screw driver is needed. The console doesn't have many parts so it's easy to dissasemble, however if the screen is undamaged you need to be very careful with the orange ribbon cable.
When I connected the charging cable it wouldn't charge. Usually this is because the charging port is dirty and/or corroded and cleaning it usually removes the problem. Another issue can be a completely dead battery. If you remove a battery from working device you will notice the console does the same thing, the light turns on for a second and turns off. If the light doesn't even flash, you know the issue is not in the battery. In rare cases the issue could also be a damaged mother board which could be much harder to repair.
The screen was also broken. In theory the cable could be replaced, at leas with micro soldering, but new reproduction and original screens are easily available so usually it's not worth spending hours on trying to solder it.
The shell was destroyed so I bought a replacement shell. The replacement shell have everything including the lens, buttons and new screws, except the hinges. But they come with caps that cover the actual hinges. New hinges are available but it doesn't always feel like the original hinges so I will use the old ones if they still work.
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