Vietnam War Trench Art Lighter Restoration & Repair

I was sent this trench art lighter from Vietnam for restoration. It's made in early 70's . It's been somewhat oxidized but some parts have stayed in pretty good shape.
I started the restoration by disassembling the lighter. During the disassembly the screw holding the body together broke because it was so badly rusted. This was no major issues because it was easy to replace it. This time I chose to use rust remover to remove the oxidation and rust from the parts, other than the lighters tank. The tank contained sort of porous material to hold the gas so I didn't want to fill it with rust remover but I sandblasted the rusty areas of it. Then I sanded it up to 2000 grits.
The links lost their blueing so I needed to re-blue them. I heated the links with a torch and dropped those in oil. I used oil intended for chain saw chain but it doesn't really matter.
The other parts were pretty much ready to be polished and then nickel plated from the rust remover. Here is my nickel plating tutorial for more information on the process:
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    I think that there are a lot of misconceptions about war. When I was in Nam I worked and would volunteer for extra work at times. Anything to keep your mind busy. I had a wife and a new born baby girl that were constantly on my mind. Trench art was just another way to keep busy. We all had down time for rest and this soldier was probably the same. Just counting the days until we would be back wit our loved ones.

  • Austin Aldrich
    Austin AldrichVor 3 Tage

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