Antique Anvil Restoration & Upgrade

I will restore this small jewelers's anvil. It's quite rusty and the paint is coming off. It's also very small but it would be still nice to be able to hit it a bit harder if needed without the anvil moving or me having to bolt it to the table. I decided to solve the problem bu making a stylish base for it. Inside the base I will hide almost 3kg of steel to add some weight to the anvil still keeping it movable and compact.
This time I decided to try a new method of laser cleaning. I have linked the company's page bellow. Laser cleaning device uses a laser that burns everything from rust to paint and grease from tho surface of the metal. It's very fast and sensitive method of removing rust. I'm really excited to experiment more with the technology in the future.
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Laser cleaner:
Some of my tools:
Black gloves:
Chuck norris' toothbrush:
Corddless drill:
Electronics screw driver set:
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