I Restored This $5 Ebay Junk Gameboy Advance. It Used to be Blue - Retro Console Repair

I found this ruined Gameboy Advance for $5 it was sold as junk and it doesn't work. It is extremely yellow. The original color was transparent light blue called Glacier. This sort of projects are always interesting as I never know if the console has been completely destroyed on the inside or if it has only a small issue. Check out also my Gameboy t-shirt design, I will remove it from the store at the end of March: teespring.com/dmg-01-gameboy-blueprint-by-ot?pid=387&cid=101865
I started the restoration by trying to get the power on. First I tried to clean corroded the contacts. To do that I needed to desolder the top of the switch. New switches can also be bought online if you just prefer to change it. After opening the switch I used isopropyl alcohol to gently clean the contacts. If you can't desolder it you can try to get isopropyl alcohol in the switch and then turn it on and off multiple times (with no batteries) similarly to what I will do with the volume wheel. However I think this is not as good method because it only spreads the dirt on on the inside rather than removing it. Once I got the power on I noticed the volume wheel didn't do much. It occasionally got some contact and turned the volume louder for a brief moment. I thought that it may have the same issue as the power switch. It was so this was very easy fix from the "technical" point. These were the only functional issues I found.
I also removed the yellowing from the plastic shell which was supposed to be colorless. For this I used the same retrobrighting method as always. H2O2 and UV-light. Full tutorial here: denewss.info/channel/oJaJh9acooeqlas/video.html
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UV-LED strip: amzn.to/2IqLmOA
99.9% Isopropyl alcohol: amzn.to/34Po8dX
Power source for LEDs: amzn.to/35zDBzT
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